Chinese Herbal Medicine

Raw Chinese herb market, Chengdu
Raw Chinese herbs, Chengdu herb market, China

Herbal medicine has formed the cornerstone of Chinese medicine for thousands of years. It is still practiced extensively throughout China in modern clinics and hospitals. Chinese herbal medicine is the primary therapy used for internal medicine complaints, such as digestive problems, respiratory problems, menstrual issues, and insomnia. Herbal medicine allows for a profound impact on health with minimal side effects.

Before prescribing Chinese herbs, Kate performs a detailed analysis of signs and symptoms, including the unique diagnostic methods of the pulse and tongue, to help uncover a detailed map of the course and process of disease.

After a diagnosis is made, the patient will be given an individualized herbal formula tailored to their unique situation. As the patient’s condition evolves and improves, the formula will be modified to follow the changes.

At Chautauqua Apothecary in Boulder, we are proud to offer raw (or bulk) Chinese herbs, which are the most traditional and most potent form of herbal medicine. We source our herbs very carefully, so that we can offer the highest quality herbal medicine possible. For those who cannot take raw herbs, we also offer granular, or powdered herbs, which can also be tailored to meet each patient’s specific needs, as well as a selection of patent medicines (pills) which can be used for general complaints such as allergies or general digestive support.

An immense amount of research has been done in both China and the West validating the efficacy and merit of Chinese herbal medicine. Chinese herbal medicine is able to treat a wide range of acute and chronic diseases.

“Having suffered with the severe mood swings, depression, and other physical issues of menopause, traditional medicine did not have any answers. My MD suggested alternative treatment and I found Kate. I have experienced a new focus and balance that has helped my marriage and art business get back on track. I tried the herbs and once I stopped them realized that was a mistake. I enjoy the ritual of brewing my herbs.” – Delcia Litt, Erie, CO

Please see the Herbal Medicine FAQ for answers to questions about the quality, safety and efficacy of Chinese herbs used in our practice.

Kate Blalack is a nationally certified acupuncturist and Chinese herbal medicine practitioner in Boulder, Colorado. Kate has a special interest in working with women and families, including acupuncture for fertility, menstrual problems, pregnancy, and postpartum. Contact Kate for more information or to book an appointment at her Boulder clinic.